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Organic and natural products FormUlated using the very best ingredients...for the neXtgen users who are more conscious of what they are putting onto their skin!  

FormUlationX products are designed to meet special needs such as aging, sensitive, allergetic, and reactive skin. 

I am a 53 year old grandmother who is painfull aware of what it means to battle Rosacea and problematic skin. For years I was losing...I could have paid for cosmetic surgery with the small fortune I have spent trying hundreds of products! I just wanted something that would hydrate my me a healthy, calm, and youthful dewy look (without making the condition worse by clogging my pores).

I have been FormUlating and using myself as a test subject for years. I have created something very special here, and I am now ready to share it with the world!

The Total Package

The "IT" factor!

They say it is impossible to create a luxury product that is also economical (this just made me try harder)! 

The Total Package is a  HEAD-TO-TOE product that eliminates the need for multi-products. No more fortunes spent on costly face serums or creams. This is "IT" is not only the best, but it is all you need!

Not your mothers lotion!

Forget lotions of the past.

The Total Package is the future of lotions! 

The Total Package has ZERO water, glycerin, or alcohol. It is an oil base lotion, but is designed to absorb quickly. It will not just lay atop the skin, nor will it evaporate leaving your skin even dryer! 

The Total Package is safe for people with nut allergies, and has less than .5 comedogenic rating (it will not clog pores). 


The Total Package is the best and I'll prove it! 

I call it "The Right" challenge! 

I will give a FREE sample to anyone willing to lend me a hand (or in this case an arm). Simply apply a sample of The Total Package to your right arm and wait...not an hour or two, but wait until your bedtime even...THEN compare the difference! 


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P: 740-274-3019